BR vs Others

There are many options on the market today for match shooters using the AR15 platform. They are all compromises driven by the limitations of the AR-15 magazine length and the size of the bolt. 

This new system directly addresses the size of the bolt while retaining the standard AR-15 lower receiver allowing a move to the larger BR family of cartridges.

The current crop of AR-15 match calibers offer impressive improvements in capability over .223 Rem. The 6mm AR is a fine adaptation of the 6.5 Grendel(R) cartridge, itself derived from the PPC family and originally 7.62x39. It's performance is about 2700fps with a 107 gr Sierra. Another new and capable choice is the 6mm HAGAR(R). This offers very similar performance to the 6AR. It's major drawback is the inability to shoot the heavier 105-107gr bullets at magazine length on the 300 yard line. The 6BR and 6BRX can easily accommodate the 105-108gr 6mm bullets for 300 yards.

In addition none of these calibers have the proven accuracy history or large number national championships and records for accuracy in F Class and Bench Rest competition as does the 6BR. 

      .223   6.5 Grendel   6 AR      6 WOA      6 BR            6BRX         6.5x47     .260 Rem

The 6BRX available in our uppers brings even more performance to the AR15 platform. With a 105gr Berger VLD, velocities of 2950fps or better are readily available. This is significantly higher than can be readily and safely achieved with any of the other options for the AR15 on the market today.

Below are some velocity and wind drift comparisons for different bullet types:

Below numbers are from Quickload(R) using a 28" barrel and 52,000 max pressure.

                             VV N550, 105gr Berger VLD,  2.40"          VV N540, 107gr Sierra,  2.40"          VV N540, 90gr Lapua,  2.26"

Cartridge      H2O Cap.                  Velocity                                          Velocity                                            Velocity

6 H               37.5grs                           2816                                                 2664                                                    2881

6AR              36.0grs                           2846                                                 2664                                                    2915

6BR              37.8grs                           2875                                                 2725                                                    2947

6BRX           43.0grs                           3000                                                 2847                                                    3087

6XC*            49.7grs                           3054                                                 2910                                                    3167

* Seated to 2.80"

Wind drift in a 10mph cross wind calculated using the Sierra Infinity(R) program and the above velocities.

Cartridge    Bullet                                   300yds    600yds   1000yds 

6 H               105gr Berger VLD               5.38*        23.67       75.47

6AR              105gr Berger VLD               5.30         23.30       74.26

6BR              105gr Berger VLD                5.22        22.95       73.12

6BRX           105gr Berger VLD                4.92        21.55       68.52

6XC             105gr Berger VLD                4.80        21.0          66.69

* Can't be used in a magazine w/6 H

Cartridge    Bullet                                   300yds    600yds   1000yds 

6 H               107gr Sierra                           6.33*       28.26      92.09

6AR              107gr Sierra                          6.33         28.26      92.09

6BR              107gr Sierra                           6.11         27.26      88.86

6BRX           107gr Sierra                           5.73         25.47      82.84

6XC             107gr Sierra                            5.54         24.62     79.97

.223 Rem    80gr Sierra @2850                  7.80         36.21     121.69

* Can't be used in a magazine w/6 H      

Cartridge    Bullet                                   300yds    600yds   1000yds 

6 H               90gr Lapua                            7.23        33.0         109.99

6AR              90gr Lapua                           7.11        32.42        108.18

6BR              90gr Lapua                           7.0          31.89        106.5

6BRX           90gr Lapua                           6.56        29.74        99.51

6XC             90gr Lapua                            6.33        28.64       95.79

.223 Rem    77gr Sierra @2800                 8.92        41.96       142.49